Our clients & projects

We include a sample of some of our deeper engagements below. We have supported founders and investors with in-depth due diligence, mentoring and technology advice.

Energy storage

This growth-stage start-up had an established software team, but whose primary expertise was in embedded devices. We supported them by architecting & building an IoT web platform based on a serverless platform in AWS, enabling real-time analytics, big data historical analysis.

Remote sensing for MRV

We helped this pre-seed startup move from manual analysis and computation of satellite and point cloud data, to an automated machine learning and data processing pipeline, so their skilled team could focus on higher-value work.


We created low-code automations for their initial processes, preserving flexibility to rapidly adjust to changing business needs in their early start-up stages. We then built out more specialised technology including offline mobile apps for their in-field staff, and customer facing APIs, as their own business needs and priorities became clear.

Soil & carbon monitoring

We supported this non-profit, who used an external agency for their software development needs, by representing ‘their side’ of the table to sense check major technology decisions and strategy.

Humanitarian logistics

We support this non-profit project with ad-hoc software architectural advice and occasional hands-on software engineering support for their SaaS platform used in refugee camps across Europe.

VC & Private Equity due diligence

We performed technical due diligence – both on-site and remote – on a number of series A and later stage businesses prior to investment from venture capital and private equity.