How can we help?

From Lab to Pilot

Moving your deep tech from lab/research to first pilot. Your team is all over the core innovation, but how is your software looking? Still relying on prototype research code? We can help:

  • Establish best practices for delivery, both technically and in ways of working
  • Build out cloud infrastructure to support your operations
  • Implement monitoring, data analytics, and remote control systems
  • Ensure robust software delivery post-hardware deployment
  • Address security, regulatory or compliance concerns

Accelerating Delivery

Is your speed of delivery slowing down? Has your business pivoted, but the tech can’t keep up? Are you waiting on features that should have been completed months ago? We can:

  • Diagnose root causes of slowdowns
  • Collaborate with your team to find quick and effective solutions

Scaling with Growth

As your business grows, is your technology or the team struggling to keep up? We have the experience to:

  • Build the capabilities of your team, and support in plugging skills gaps where required
  • Tackle performance, reliability, and security issues
  • Get your technology back on track to support your growth

Bridging Communication Gaps

Are things getting lost in translation? Do you need a second opinion? We can:

  • Bridge the communication gap between founders and engineering teams
  • Represent the founder’s perspective when working with internal or external teams, with a clear commercial and product focus
  • Build trust or deliver hard truths as needed

Technology Due Diligence

Preparing for an investment or conducting due diligence? We provide:

  • Health checks prior to investment
  • Preparation for due diligence and compliance audits
  • Insights from both a CTO/Founder and investor perspective

Tackling Technical Challenges

Facing a specific engineering obstacle? We thrive on solving tough technical problems and can help overcome any challenges holding you back.

Mentoring Technology Leaders

Are you a first-time technology leader? We offer mentorship for new technology leaders and managers to help them build their teams and gain experience.